Body therapy -energy therapy

Body therapy -energy therapy

Face-to-face modality

Duration: 16 months
8 annual terms
6 hour intensive course with practice.
Practical work in between each meeting
Forum for supervision.
Reduced groups.
Personal guidance and assessment of the process.


People working in the therapeutic field who wish to broaden their body and energy knowledge.
Professionals in the health field who are seeking new tools to use in their treatments.
A  People in the artistic field who are eager to learn other aspects of the body work.


Hara conexion and Ki circuit (energy), Therapist postures, Different types of contact. Levels of energy. Depths in pressure. Maneuvers in the different positions. YIN and YANG points according to circadian rhythm.

Diagnosis. Chinese Medicine Elements. Back diagnosis. Masunaga.

Meridians. Abdomen diagnosis. abdomen diagnosis. Therapist role

Masunaga 2. Kyo and Jitsu. Elbow and Knee maneuvers. Individual Examination to Certify.


The training is in charge of Alicia Crotti.

Shiatsu therapist trained at: IOKAI SHIATSU CENTER with Haruhiko Maunaga Sensei (KeirakuShiatsu courses basic and advanced) - Tokyo, Japan.

IOKAI Europe School with Kazunori Sasaki Sensei – Milan, Italy and Montpellier, France.

Shiatsu College with Michael Rose and Cliff Andrews – Brighton and Norwich, England.

Zen Shiatsu Center with Eiji Mino Sensei – Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Shiatsunuad School with Valerie Gaillard – Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Ohashiatsu con Wataru Ohashi Sensei – Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Alicia’s therapeutic background is also related to her studies with Miguel Doña(Shiatsu), Mirta Casado (Bone Maneuvers), Eduardo Fain (individual Family Constellations), Valerie Gaillard (diagnosis and Thai massage) and Lorena De Piano from the Vibrational Therapies Training Center (Sound Bowls).

She has a postgraduate degree at Universidad del Salvador de Buenos Aires in therapeutic body techniques, Chinese Medicine at the Argentine Naturopathic Foundation.

Alicia’s artistic background is related to dancing. She trained both as a contemporary dancer at the Margarita Bali School and with expressive gymnastics such as Ashtanga, Iyengar and Hatha Yoga.





Shiatsu massage consists of establishing a living bond with the patient. The flow of energy is restored. This helps us to release existing blockages and to awaken our own healing power. During the massage, hand pressure and manipulative techniques are used that adjust the physical structure of the body and its natural and essential internal energies, to preserve it from disease, to strengthen internal organs and to preserve the individual's energetic tone

Prior to the massage, a diagnosis is made by analyzing the patient's energy, and by observing the imbalances that can be shown as physical, emotional, or psychological symptoms. The diagnosis is not based on a single symptom or characteristic manifested by the patient, but on an accumulation of information that gives us a complex picture of his/her condition.

The maneuvers are performed on cotton futons on the floor. Digit pressure maneuvers with hands, fingers, elbows, and knees are used.




They are aimed at all those who are interested in knowing the Shiatsu technique. It implies expanding our own sensitivity and inner knowledge. In this way the technique can be applied to oneself or it can be experienced with others.
The workshops are divided into a practical part and a theoretical part, they can be done in groups or individually. They are developed in 5 intensive meetings of 4 hours duration, monthly, covering one element per workshop.



The wood element in the oriental model shows both an individual identity and a force of nature. The energy of plants is almost impossible to destroy, it can remain dormant for years and sprout again, they can live thanks to their adaptability and that is why they change their direction when they encounter an obstacle. The ability of plants to plan and make decisions is a stage of the wood element that represents the choice and search for the best direction to grow. The primary force of the urge to live and grow is the characteristic of wood. The energy of wood is not specifically aggressive by nature despite its competitive strength . Therefore we are allowed to obtain the maximum potential for self-expression.

Meridians: liver, gallbladder




The nature of the power of fire is its transforming capacity, fire destroys one form to create another; dough turns into bread, wood into charcoal, clay into porcelain...

The warmth and well-being of fire helps to relax. Passions are fueled when the yang energy burns with force and height, with all its warmth and movement. The fire meridians embody the light and sensitivity of the spirit that contains the human consciousness, but on the other hand the uncontrolled fire is a destructive energy that feeds on the emotions.

Meridians: heart, small intestine, heart constrictor, triple heater



The earth element possesses the quality of stillness, it provides the calm of the center, it gives solidity, it sustains. Anything that represents stability and support in our lives is linked to this element.

The healthy earth element in the human character provides the capacity for endurance and comfort at the same time. Land meridians are affected by our relationship with the person who represents the mother.

Fertility, both of the body and of the mind, is a gift of this element and is related to its Yin characteristic of receptivity. The spiritual capacity is the intellect, the possibility to transform, to serve the purpose of the heart-mind, to nourish ourselves physically, emotionally and intellectually. When there is a lack of the basic feeling of security, we look for a more comforting reality in concepts and mental structures, when the earth element is unbalanced the tendency is to think a lot, ruminate on ideas.

Meridians: spleen-pancreas, stomach



Metal, in our energy structure, implies the ability to receive and transmit messages, to communicate with the environment and still remain ourselves. Transmit and connect.

When the energy of the metal is healthy, we are beings in a state of continuous exchange with the universe. Not only do we feel what we are worth, but we instinctively know that we are connected to everything that has value outside our limits. If the metal is unbalanced this security disappears.

Meridians: lung, large intestine



In temporal terms, water goes back to the deepest past of the human being, to the beginning of life from the void at the moment of conception. Although not all water is deep it always descends to the lowest level.

The capacity of water renovation is given by the movement and by the flow. Purified water prevents inaction , instability of the body and the mind. The KI that flows and does not recess is the PURE KI.

Water empowers the body with force and energy. Our survival energy is jeopardized when the water element is unbalanced. It also affects our free will.

The YANG manifestation of the water element is our will and the YIN manifestation is the capacity to flow naturally. The balance between the active will YANG and the permissive will YING is the gift of a healthy water element.

Meridians: kidney , bladder.


The view of body work from the eastern perspective is based on a philosophical view that helps to understand that we are part of nature, of a universal order for which this body work teaches how to establish, maintain and improve the different aspects of the structure that we are.

It proposes as a principle a vital force or energy (KI) which is what defines us as living beings. The concept of energy is developed in order to establish levels of consciousness. When people are observed as energy structures, we work transforming those vibrational layers that comprise the energy field.

Vital energy is strengthened through exercises, developing the possibility of reconciling one's mental and physical disharmonies. This inner consciousness is a force available to us to work in our bodies.


According to the eastern people, there are channels or vectors called "meridians" on the surface of the body. They are conduits through which energy circulates. The meridians are connected with the organs and viscera. Their energy can be influenced through body work with exercises and stretching postures, modifying the flow and quality of that energy.


The so-called HARA is located in the lower abdomen. It is the area where the source of vital energy originates and is considered the center of life. It houses physical balance and emotional and spiritual energy. From an anatomical point of view, the area between the navel and the pubic bone is the body's center of gravity.



The videos are created to compile the KORPOREO METHOD. People will be able to access the different exercise proposals. So the practice can be carried out at any time and in any place you wish. The videos can be used to deepen experience and knowledge and also to put together your own routine by combining them, even when commuting. We think that spreading KORPOREO METHOD around the world will help people to expand our inner connection. It will also help to be aware of body energetic consciousness.

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