The circulation of energy through the meridians is facilitated by movement, physical exercise and stretching postures. Massaging these energy channels balances the excess of energy or lack of it, in order to improve the Ki 

We work with the concepts of stretching of the meridians, breathing, HARA and the 5 elements in the practical phase. The theoretical knowledge in the route of the meridians, the diagnostic areas in the back and abdomen, the points and the philosophical foundation of Chinese medicine are concepts which will be deepened below.

The theory related to the five elemental processes is also expanded: wood, fire, metal, earth and water, integrating all these concepts with full awareness.



Classes are developed in groups, weekly. These classes help to improve posture and subtle registration through the activation of meridians, points and diagnostic areas of Zen Shiatsu. They are simple stretching exercises or Do In, which connect the system of energy lines to strengthen vitality and the self-conscious part of the person . Thus, our health can be improved by knowing the symptoms, which are important tools, in this aspect. Balls, acupressure, percussive activation, and palpation are used. Theoretical support is given through the elements of Chinese medicine, which are associated with each season of year (eg, in spring: wood element, liver meridians and gallbladder)



It is aimed at teachers, therapists of all disciplines, theater directors, dance groups or any activity and person interested in deepening the knowledge linked to the body from this perspective. It is a tool of vast scope and manages to expand the possibilities in the relationship with our body and its vibration, understanding that the body participates in our entire life. 

THE TRAINING IS DIVIDED INTO 7 MODULES (APRIL - OCTOBER) The course is done biweekly with a mixed face-to-face / online proposal (this can vary according to pandemic situations) in addition to a weekly group practice of the Korporeo Method. They are two monthly classes; a theory (online duration 3 hours) and another practice (face-to-face duration 3 hours) 

At the end of the first year of training, therapists will be able to use the method in different disciplines and activities.

A second year of training is planned to deepen the concepts and practices.

First year program

Basic starting position. Subtle registration. Breathing with Hara. Internal support axis Heaven-Earth.

Class structure. Observation of the therapist, posture and energy changes in the practitioner. Record of subtle changes during class. Stand, sit, lie down. Visualization and final awareness. Development of internal contact and the power of visualization. Intention.

Tools for stimulation in meridian areas, points. Do In, stretching, use of balls.

Masunaga basic Zen Imaginary exercises, creation of the exercise itself for the diagnosis area and / or specific point.

Zen Shiatsu diagnostic area in abdomen and back, meridian areas and points.

Chinese medicine, basic knowledge and Taoist philosophy.

Characteristics of each element, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. Symptoms.



The videos are created to compile the KORPOREO METHOD. People will be able to access the different exercise proposals. So the practice can be carried out at any time and in any place you wish. The videos can be used to deepen experience and knowledge and also to put together your own routine by combining them, even when commuting. We think that spreading KORPOREO METHOD around the world will help people to expand our inner connection. It will also help to be aware of body energetic consciousness.

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